I've recently become frustrated with style media constantly telling women how to dress slimmer.  There are so many articles with this as a main or underlying theme.   So many of the fashion "rules" we see also come back to ensuring we appear as slim as possible. It seems to be a focus that in order to look our best we need to look slimmer.  

I always want to look my best, but one thing that has changed in the past few years, is that I am less concerned about dressing so I appear slimmer.    Because dressing slimmer does not necessarily allow me to look my best.  I get more compliments when I go out in something I love, that fits my style, my shape and my personality.   Versus something that I think will make me appear slimmer.  

Is ensuring my "trouble" spots are de-emphasized part of my style strategy? Yes, but it is secondary to flaunting my best parts and my personality.  

I could probably do a list of things we are told  to wear/not wear because they will/won't make us slimmer.  But I'm going to pick  just one example... and that is the colour black.  I see women of all shapes, sizes and heights wear black as their go-to colour - because it is slimming.   I used to live in black (because it is slimming).  But I'm very pale, and black, while making me look slimmer, can also make me look drawn and colourless.   I think it sometimes made me disappear into the wall paper.  And for those that have met me, that is not my personality.   So there is a lot more colors in my closet today.   And black has become a neutral in that closet, versus the go-to colour.

So when did dressing slimmer start to become more important than dressing to be our best?  More importantly when did appearing slimmer = our best? 

Thoughts? Comments? Please discuss.

Note I will remove any disrespectful comments, everyone has the right to their opinion, but please keep it respectful.