It has been a long time since I've done a Fashion Follow Friday.  But I've been getting questions from friends about blogs that I read regularly and felt it was about time I wrote about them here.   Many, but not all, are fabulously stylish bloggers over 40 club.  Thanks to Sylvia at 40+ Style and  Citizen Rosebud for their fantastic bloggers over 40 blog rolls.  I have discovered many of the ladies below through them.

Style Advice links...

  • Closet Coach - I've linked to the Closet Coach before. Her tagline is "Real-world style advice for your frantic, fabulous life."  She is a Mom who likes to help other moms recover their style mojo.  I particularly love her 5 Levels of Working Mom Outfits. She has defined 5 levels of different style from Level 1 Weekend Casual through to Level 5 Date Night.  This guide helps take the thinking out of creating outfits for different occasions.  It also helps you think about what you might need in your closet, depending on your life.    @Closetcoach
  •  Inside Out Style - Imogen is a certified image consultant and her blog provides a lot of useful tips on dressing for your shape and proportions.   I particularly love her Body Shapes information, where she doesn't lump all hourglass shapes together.  She defines an 8 Shape, which is an hourglass with high hip or an X with low hip.  She also regularly posts short videos to help with style questions like "how to figure out your face shape".  An important element in deciding things like the best eye glasses, earrings or hair cuts to suit you.    The videos also let us hear her fabulous Australian accent.


Some Real Life Wardrobe Inspiration...

  • Surely Sonsy - Jessica has a bit of an addiction to pencil skirts, and usually buys things she likes in multiples.  She has a distinct personal style and posts about it several times a week.  She has given me new ideas on colour combinations and reinforces my love of belts and all things accessories.   She is also a member of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade@shessica17


  • She's Addicted to Clothes - This is a lovely blog by a 40 something self professed clothing addict in Northwest England. She a knack for blending thrift into her outfits seamlessly with her new purchases.  I also enjoy her sense of humour about herself. She doesn't tweet that regularly, but follow her anyways at @garmentaddict.


  • Not Dead Yet Style - Another lovely style blog by a woman over 40.   Patti regularly muses about style after 40, posts her outfits and the odd funny post about her cat.  But I think the best part of Patti's blog is her work at building community.  Her Visible Monday weekly link-ups was started in response to her feeling like The Invisible Woman (As I edge into those my mid 40s I understand this idea more and more).  So Monday she invites us to share an outfit, accessory, lipstick colour, hairstyle, etc - something that expressed our joy of Being Visible.  I have participated a few times, and have discovered some other lovely outfits and bloggers.   It is great to see so many women celebrating themselves.  @PattiNotDeadYet

And finally, a little bit of everything... and one of my truly favourite blogs...

  • Wardrobe Oxygen - Alison mixes leopard shoes and stripes in a way that makes me think that I can do that too.  I follow several other blogs that do some fantastic, but intimidating pattern mixing, Alison makes it look easy.  She has a background in apparel merchandising and personal shopping, so clearly she has a lot of practice to make it look so easy.  Her blog includes outfit posts, style advice, local DC fashion events, small steps in going green,  vacation highlights and even what she packed into her little backpack at a recent music festival. She mixes it up in all aspects of her life. And I am happy to follow along her varied path of style.  @wardrobe_oxygen

To my Canadian followers, except those in Quebec, enjoy this lovely August long weekend.   Cause next week, back-to-school ads begin.