Summer finally arrived last week and I took full advantage wearing a different summer dress everyday.  It also provided me an opportunity to finally wear my new Nicole Bridger "Flow" dress.   This silk crepe dress is in a cool grey/purple colour called Eve.   I don't normally fall in love with pale or pastel colours, but this dress seemed so flowly and pretty I had to do it.  Plus, I had at least 2 people I don't know say the dress looked really great from the back.  :)

Being a Nicole Bridger dress it is made from an ethically sourced, sustainable silk fabric, designed and manufacturered in Vancouver.   For more on Nicole's commitment to the environment check out her snazzy new website.

I have some greys and purples in my closet, but none as soft as this. So I needed to buy shoes to go with it.  I ended up buying 2 pairs at Winner (you can consider the irony of me buying excess number of inexpensive shoes to wear with my sustainability made dress... but I consider myself a work-in-progress and I know in general I am moving in the right direction).   Both are wedges, but this pair is a bit more funky. The others are more professional peep toe/sling backs.

Now even though summer had finally arrived,  I did have to work in air conditioning, so I added the jean jacket.  This is my 12 year old dark wash cropped jean jacket. My new thrift one that I wrote about last week didn't seem right.

Finally, I pair it with my upcycled necklace made from an old tie.   This was made by Valerie Gobert and purchased at Portobello West last year.  It added a bit of fun colour to the ensemble.    I have a great grey upcycled belt to wear with the dress, but it seemed more appropriate without a belt on this occassion.

And to the observant reader you will notice I am experimenting with growing out both my bangs and my grey.  We will see which I called "chicken" on first.

  • Dress - Nicole Bridger
  • Jean jacket - BCBG
  • Wedges - Ann Marino at Winners (the Canadian TJ Maxx brand)
  • Necklace - Valerie Gobert bought at Portobello West
  • Bracelet - gift from a friend
  • Sunglasses - retros 80s hot pink from Blogher '12

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