They just announced Madonna will be coming to Vancouver.  Tickets go on sale Monday. I have already emailed my hubbie the  info... a Valentine's Day hint. 

Madonna has always been someone people either love or hate.   40+Style blogged a great piece this week about Madonna and How We are Supposed to Age.  Give it a read, it is a worthy piece and I'm sure the discussion in the comments will be very interesting.  

 But today I'm going to talk about one of Madonna's iconic fashion trends. Lace! As in wearing lace underwear as actual clothing. 

Like a Virgin came out when I was in high school.  I was never quite sold on wearing lingerie as actual clothes, but I layered on my share of bracelets, necklaces and head bands.  

In Vogue she skipped the underwear altogether and just went with sheer lace.

Lace, sheer and outerwear underwear has been on the runways for a couple of years now.  And the street style blogs seem to be full of it.  But again I'm still not convinced.    There are several ways that lace can be incorporated into an outfit without looking like you are trying to hard.  A bit of peak-aboo lace can be quiet attractive.  And I do own at least one lace dress.   But there is something about wearing that much lace that either makes me feel too fussy or too vampy.  I was uncomfortable most of the night the last time I wore my lace dress.

My lace dress in action on the right. My fab friend Rita is on the left.

What about you? Will you be adding lace or sheer items to your spring closet? 

 And just for fun here is the Pop Up Video version of Vogue.   Enjoy!