I spent last night scouring old 1990s photos looking for shots of me wearing my dark green Dr Martens.  I didn't find any good photos, but I had a great trip down memory lane.  Note, I said no good photos.  I found a few shots from a vacation I took with a friend down to South Carolina.  All the shots are taken while we are hiking, and I conveniently forgot to scan them when I had the chance today.  Really sad that you don't get to see me in khakie shorts belted up somewhere under my bra, a red long john style  t-shirt, purple bunchy socks and the rockin' Docs.  I actually felt a little bad for the Docs that THAT was the only decent photo I had of them.  I loved those Docs.  They were comfortable and Kick Ass at the same time.  They were similar to these current Jessica boots, but in an awesome emerald green.  I remember wearing them a lot with a black denim dress and, of course, bunchy socks.    I really wish I still had those boots. But somewhere in my move out west they went missing.

I bet most of you owned, or still own, a pair of Dr. Martens.  Which decade did you wear yours?  Do you still own them today?  I think all Docs have a story. Please tell yours in the comments.

Dr. Martens are an iconic symbol of youth culture and their rebellion against society.  In the early days they were a sign of working class pride.  Later they were worn by skin heads, punks and rockers (Pete Townsend from The Who was one of the first, then there was The Clash, and so on...check this great slide show from The Guardian for more ).  For many years they were a FU to the establishment.  Since Dr. Martens are now over 50 years old, I wonder how many of those rockers, punks and skin heads are now Doctors, lawyers and accountants?

Anyways, somewhere along the way, Docs became more main stream.  But unlike many other shoe brands they continue to be a bit of a rebellious brand.  And they never really seem to go completely out of style.   They continue to get adopted by each new generation of youth. 

While Docs continue to produce their classic styles, they have also evolved some of their designs over time.  But I always found it really easy to identify a pair of Docs. The stitching usually gave them away, even if the colours or patterns were new.  So I have to admit to being really surprised to see some of the shoes in their spring 2012 collection.  Some great classic Docs and some real surprises - they even have a collection of shoes still manufactured at their original factory in English. 

Now I find myself coveting (and I mean wake up in the night dreaming about level of coveting) this black current wedge suede Mandy shoe. Part of the new "Elevate" collection, the Mandy is a desert style shoe boot.  But never a desert boot I've ever seen. And the suede is water resistant. Perfect for Vancouver weather.

I can  immediately see myself wearing these shoes with skinny pants, cuffed at the bottom (of course), with a long purple cardigan, and maybe a Who t-shirt for lunch with girlfriends. Or maybe with a pair of long shorts, and a pair of scrunchy socks - but never for hiking. 

Or check out these other Spring options:

With a spring collection this awesome, I'm expecting to see many more Docs on the streets this spring.

Tell me your story behind your Docs in the comments.   I know you have one. 

And be sure to check out the new Spring Collection at DrMartens.com.  

Update - I figured out how to import photos into Polyvore, so here is my imagined outfit with the Mandy wedges.

Dr. Marten Boots - Casual Weekend Outfit


Source - All pictures care of Lotus Leaf Communications, except for the Jessica boot which I borrowed from the website.  And the polyvore set is obviously from Polyvore.