I'm going to be speaking at the Breathe Now conference in Victoria on April 15th.  I loved the idea behind the "Owning Your Beauty" panel at Blogher, and their edict to "Own Your Beauty. Change the Conversation. Pass it On." that I have put together a similar discussion for Breathe Now.

Society (and the media) is constantly telling us how we should look and what is beautiful.  I feel that we need to create our own definitions of beauty, embrace our differences and not allow the media to define our beauty for us.  How do we learn to love ourselves today, not who we were yesterday or who we might be tomorrow?  How do we change our thinking so that our faults become differences?

It's ok... to look and feel your best.  It's ok... to Own Our Beauty!

In addition to myself the panel will include:

  • Veronique da Silva - a Victoria area photographer @dasilvafoto
  • Teresa Sims - A Victoria area style blogger @TeresaSims

My post on Owning My Beauty - one day at a time! on the Breathe Now site is here.

The  overall Breathe Now conference is going to be very exciting.  I can't wait to hear the keynote speakers Bif Naked and Rona Maynard the former Editor to Chatelaine magazine. With these two women leading the way we are sure to come home invigorated and inspired!

Oh and I get to drive a cute little Chevrolet Cruze over to Victoria for the event.