In one week I will once again be participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure on the Bloggers for Boobies team.  Although I walk the event, as I am NOT a runner.

The 2011 Bloggers for Boobies Team

I have not lost anyone close to me to breast cancer.  But I know as a woman in my 40s, with a peer group in their 40s that this is likely to change in the years to come.  It is  a a very sad truth.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women.  One in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime and one in 29 will die of it (

Early detection is one of our best ways to survive a cancer diagnosis.  If you are over 40 get a mammogram - every year.  I am lucky to live in BC, where an annual mammogram is not only encouraged, but is covered by our Provincial health plan.  We don't need a Doctors referral.  We don't need extra coverage. For those of us in urban centers we just make an appointment and go.

I'll be one of 170,000 people participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure across Canada on September 30th.  I know bloggers from across the country participating.  Last year @Nicole013, who has a history of breast cancer in her family, started the Bloggers for Boobies team in Vancouver, and walks for her daughter that she may never know breast cancer.  Together we are participating in Vancouver again this year.   Joining us are several other local bloggers, family and friends.   You can follow my Bloggers for Boobies twitter list or individually:

We may have a couple more join us.  So there is still room on our team.  Feel free to join and walk (or run) with us on the Bloggers for Boobies team page.  You can also make a donation to the team.  Or to me individually.

I'll be walking for My Girls - to prevent any of my past, present or future girlfriends (or me) from ever getting this disease. Who are you walking for?

The lovely Alexis Hinde tweeting and walking. Well we are bloggers and social media junkies....