Last week, as I have previously blogged, I attended the Leading Moms conference.  I'd describe the event like a mini Ted hosted by and for Moms.  We have a wide variety of inspirational Moms in a mix of performance, video and talks.   I wrote down small nuggets of truth from several presentations, but I was particularly drawn by the honesty and humour of Ratana Stephens about building Nature's Path and her family with husband Aaran.  I also found some great words of wisdom about Being Brave from Fiona Douglas-Crampton, CEO of Minerva Foundation.  I particularly appreciated her comment about how being brave doesn't mean you aren't afraid, it just means you do it anyway.

The most fun of the day for me though was the fashion show by Nicole Bridger.  Nicole is an award-winning sustainable local Vancouver designer.  And she designs for women of all ages and stages of life. Many of her clothes are also maternity friendly, so you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe just because you have kids.  She also loves to design with pockets, cause as a Mom you always need a place to stash some toy, phone or keys. And finally, everything is washable.  Perfect for a busy mom's lifestyle.

To demonstrate how her clothes work for a wide variety of women her models were Moms.  None of us professionals.  All of us having a great time.   Each of us modelled 2 Nicole Bridger outfits.  My fellow models included:

Nicole's Fall line includes some of Nicole's signature draping in soft comfortable solid fabrics.  It also included, for the first time EVER, patterns.  We each accessorized the outfits from our own closets - giving our outfits a personal touch.

All the photos of the fashion show below (except the backstage shots at the end) are courtesy of  Jenn Di Spirito Photography. You can see more photos by Jenn from the day on the Leading Moms Facebook Page. 

Amber Strocel from @Vancouvermom and @Amberstrocel (Photo credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

Jai Onofrey from Modern Mama North Shore and the cutest model ever   (Photo credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)


Janice Croze from @FiveMinutesforMom (photo credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

For my first outfit, I will admit I wish I had grabbed a belt to wear over the tunic dress.  The dress on its own fits great, but when worn under the jacket (which I LOVE) it seemed a bit shapeless.  Of course a belt would have made it shorter, but I had worn tights so that would have made it work.  I paired this outfit with flat Camper boots, tights and a necklace I picked up on my vacation to Hawaii.

Photo credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

My second outfit is my favourite Nicole Bridger dress that I do NOT own.  The Goddess dress has been in my sights for a while. She always tweaks it a bit, but maintains its classic style and fabulous drape. I had my eye on it in a burnt orange last year, but alas I waited too long and my size was gone.  This year the blue might have to come home with me.  Love it with my red Fluevogs and red accessories.  But I would pick another colour tights next time.

(Photo Credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

The organizers Christine from and Connie from were also dressed in Nicole Bridger for the day.

Left: Nicole Bridger - Right: Connie and Christine flank host Pamela Martin (Photo credit: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

I also captured a few photos of the fun backstage.  The lighting was dim, and I don't have Jenn's photography skills, but I thought it was worth sharing a few of the backstage photos. I especially love Janice double fisting iphones taking photos.

And for those wondering, no we didn't get to keep the clothes.

Top from left: Amber & Janice, Nat, Amber
Middle from left: Janice, Jai, Nicole
Bottom from left: Connie, Amber, Me
(photo credit: Me)

Nicole at Eco Fashion Week

Nicole will be officially launching her Fall line at Opening Night for Eco Fashion Week on Tuesday, October 16th at the Vogue Theatre.  Her shows are always spectacular and will feature her runway/contemporary dance show, beginning with a performance from Canadian Jazz vocalist Jacyln Guillou, followed by mini speaker series with Mark Brand (Save on Meats), Aaron Smith (GoVolunteering) and Madeleine Shaw (Lunapads).   Tickets are still available for $25. 

Eco Fashion Week will also feature:

  • Wednesday - A runway show by Value Village, styled by Nicolette Lang-Anderson, Mimi Lauzon and Tony Vu +   68 Pound Challenge with Kim Cathers.
  • Thursday - runway shows from several designers including ADHESIF
  • Friday - A whole schedule of Smart Talks - free education series about sustainable fashion.

Check the Eco Fashion Week for more information and to get tickets.