If you have visited a Canadian Starbucks since Halloween you know that the Holiday Retail Season has officially arrived!  Decor, music and specialty holiday drinks abound.    After many years of working in advertising and marketing, I am used to Christmas starting for me in August, so  ad campaigns and in-store signage are ready to be in market by early November.  Does it make it right?  No. It just makes me rather jaded to the whole November 1st Christmas music in Canadian mall's thing.

But I do know what I covet this year for Christmas, and I figure it can't hurt to start dropping hints to my family, husband, friends, random strangers on the street.   It was on my Christmas Dear Santa list last year... but it didn't work out.  Probably because I waited until December 1st to send the letter.

So this year I am making it really easy - and putting only one thing on my list.  Here is what I am coveting for Christmas this year.... A New Girl purse from FiveLeft - preferably in a red or purple ($375).   Check out all the awesome pictures of his different bags here - lots of stylish bags for both men and women.

New Girl purse

Lincoln Heller, the Fiveleft designer, just celebrated his landmark 1,000th bag.  The unique bag was auctioned off at a party on the weekend (I was unfortunately home with a cold instead).  According to Twitter it sold for $1,100.  Lincoln has tried to date, sign and number every bag from the beginning.

All of the Fiveleft leather goods are made with leather that has been tanned using extracts from the mimosa plant.  This process uses very little toxic chemicals.  All the texture and colour is done by hand in a Vancouver studio.   The new leather bags are stiff, but soften and darken with age.

You will find Fiveleft bags at upcoming Vancouver events:

For retail locations in Canada, and the US check here.

And this is hopefully the last you will about Christmas from me until December 1st.  Anything on your Christmas wish list yet?

* Full disclosure.  My true Christmas gift wish is to get some help buying a 2nd hand bike. The bag is my luxury dream Christmas present.