This post is part of a series of posts I am doing for Harmony Village.  Harmony Village is a resort-like community with an urban village feel, aimed at rekindling an active lifestyle in today's generation of baby boomers.  Located in the beautiful Lake Simcoe , Ontario, the community has been designed to LEED gold standards   Over the coming months, their blog and facebook page will feature a series of lifestyle related pieces.  Be sure to follow.

Lately my email box has been stuffed with emails shouting BIG sale, “buy now”. Frankly it is a bit stressful.  I’m rather prone to over spend on deals. Then last spring I sent 7 bags of clothing to the thrift store and realized that space in my closet is valuable. And money is tight.

Let’s be honest many of us see a 75% off sign and all logic leaves the building. So I have a few guidelines for you, so you don’t over indulge during the Season of Sale Shopping:

  1. Is it on my shopping list? I have a list of investment items, gaps in my current closet and a few dream items. This helps me avoid bringing home another LBD
  2. Does it fit? A fabulous investment piece that needs a quick shortening of the hem is likely a good deal. But if it needs major reconstructive surgery you might spend a lot at the tailor.
  3. Would I want it if it were full price? Don’t look at the sale tag. Think whether you would even consider the piece if it wasn’t on sale.
  4. Invest in yourself. I want items that are going to work hard in my wardrobe. I usually look for pieces that I can wear at least 3 different ways.
  5. Ask your yourself - Do I love it? Do I love it? Do I love it?

The best thing to remember is that just because it is on sale doesn’t mean it is a deal.  Keep these tips in mind when you're doing your shopping this season. 

Happy Holidays!

Disclosure:  I have been compensated by Harmony Village for this post.