So far January has been a sick-fest in our house.  Hubbie had it last week, I'm working my way through it and now the little guy seems to be getting sick.  Not complaining, lots of friends have had it worse than us this year.  But just wanted to explain why tonight's celebrity over 40 post is going to be short and sweet.  And if you notice any spelling/grammar errors I'm sorry in advance. But I do have a fever (ok that part is complaining).

Looking Good

I'll be honest I didn't really LOVE any of the outfits worn by the ladies 40 and over tonight.  And a lot of the actors seem to dress down a bit for this night. Which, for me, takes some out of red carpet fun out of the night.   But Carrie Preston, from True Blood, has some great legs and showed them off in this short black lace outfit.   I also discovered this week she is married to the wonderful Michael Emerson, from Lost and Person of Interest.  Check out EW article on them here.

Faith Hill wore a lovely red dress, and I loved the retro feel of her bow neckline.   But it felt like she was attending a nominees lunch or tea and not a red carpet event.

Best Cast over 40 awardgoes to the ladies from Cleveland Cast of Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.  All 3 of these gorgeous, and funny, women looked great.   I was a bit concerned about Jane's shoes, but you will see in the 2nd shot they look better when shot from another angle.  Next time ladies, be sure to bring your best accessory - Betty White.

Not Loving It

I always hate to say anything bad about Shannon Tweed's attire, because honestly her husband scares me just a bit. But while this blue dress was a lovely colour on her, it also felt just a bit beauty queen/bridesmaid-esque.  Particularly with the matching shoes.

Sharon Osbourne also scares me a just a bit. Not her husband. Her.  I have absolute faith she could hold her own in any fight.  I hope to never be on the wrong side of her. And while she may be fearless and  fabulous. This dress is not. It does not seem to fit her properly, the colour doesn't work for her and she did not look comfortable in it - at least not in any of the pictures I saw.

Angela Kinsey.  I have to say that this bandage dress, while it shows off her fab figure,   feels a bit 90s and sort of ages her.

Honourary Mention

My honourary, not yet 40 award goes to, Alyson Hannigan, on the arm of her hot husband Alexis Denisof .  I'll be honest I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I'm currently re-watching on Netflix (I'm on season 6).  And Alyson is only the third person (after Neil Patrick Harris and my friend Alexis) that can make me laugh so hard I pee just a little bit.  So I might be a lotbit biased.  But I thought this red flapper-esque dress made her best looking pregnant woman I've seen on the red carpet in  a long long time.  Although a smidgen of red lipstick might have made it even better.  I can't wait until she is 40 and I can feature her here all the time.

Over 40 Hottie Award

This was a tie between Ewan McGregor and Nathan Fillion.  Feel free to place your vote for your favourite in the comments.  Ewan got on the list for those eyes, and for sporting a scarf.  Nathan cause he is my geek god, and for wearing both a purple tie and purple pocket square.  Be still my poor geeking heart.

Stay tuned for a dress contest from Shabby Apple in the next couple of days. What better way to start off January, and red carpet season, but a dress give-away.