I keep thinking there are no more red carpet events until the fall and The Emmys. I always seem to forget about the Metropolitan Gala. And how could I forget about it.  The Met Gala brings out the elite in Hollywood, as well as the elite in fashion designers.  There is always a great mix on the red carpet.  There were some daring and unique choices, but I didn't feel there were any (or at least not many) train wrecks.

As usual this posts includes some women who will turn 40 later this year, as well as some women whose age I could not confirm.  So if I guessed wrong and included some under 40... sorry. But you must have looked fantastic for me to include you here.

The 20s seemed to be a big theme in dresses, some in subtle art deco details and others full out flapper.  Peplums or feather skirts (and sometimes together) were other trends.  Bold colours, especially coral, followed from the spring street trends onto the red carpet.  And then there was dramatic black.  There was some "safe" black, but most of the ladies who wore black did so in a dramatic fashion.

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Nancy O'dell

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Nancy always picks beautiful red carpet dresses - this red gown is Zac Posen Tonight she went a step further with her hair and I love the old world glamour it brings to the outfit. 10/10

Thoughts on Covering Red Carpet Events...

I've been talking a lot about Owning Our Beauty lately, and will again at Northern Voice.   And one of the key things I am struggling with is my coverage of celebrities.  I do not like the media attention on this beauty "ideal" which is young and very thin.  I started this blog because, in part, I felt that women in middle age needed to be represented.  So my decision is to continue to feature women 40 and over on the red carpet.   Many of these beautiful women are not featured  in other media, because they are not THE young starlets.  So while my blog is small,  it has an opportunity to create some small change.  And I believe women over 40 should be celebrated.

I will also continue to talk about the choice in clothing.  What were the trends. Were the outfits the right for the occasion, her shape and personality.   Did the dress wear her or vice versa.  And NOT judging the woman herself.    Noting, as always that the hours (and huge teams) that go into their perfect looks.  That said, I might still feel the need to point out obvious plastic surgery - because I feel that takes away from the true beauty of these women as they age.