Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to do something we rarely get to do anymore - see a movie - in a theatre.  With a 5 year old at home getting out to a movie is a rare occasion.  Luckily he was invited to a private screening of Skyfall, at a time when we had childcare available.  Yippee!

The movie was fantastic James Bond fun.  But one thing that really struck with me was how fantastic Dame Judi Dench, playing M, looked.  Near the beginning  of the movie there is this great close up of her looking out the window.  You can see every line that her 77 year life has earned her.  Every muscle moved, as it should, as she changed from serious to laugher to scolding Bond.   She looked sensational, beautiful, vibrant and interesting.  And her character even gets to blow stuff up.


This is how a healthy, beautiful woman of 77 should appear to the world.  And yes, she has some of fantastic make-up artists and well choreographed lighting. But she seems to wear her age with pride and confidence.  And the movie appears to celebrates it.

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Alas, she (and this type of role) are rare. We are more likely to see the extra tight, rarely moving faces of other actresses who have given in to the pressure in an industry where aging, as a woman, can be death to a career.

Dame Judi gives me hope that I too can be a beautiful woman as I age without the help of excessive plastic surgery. She gives me hope that we don't become invisible as we age.    She gives me hope that women can be considered beautiful at any age  - not "for our age".

Because when I look at other women born in 1934, I don't find beauty role models.  In my opinion they look less attractive and more plastic as they age.   They seem to have bought their beauty... not own it.

Barbara Eden

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Sophia Loren

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Now, nobody can blame a woman in her 70s whose career is based on her appearance from having a nip or tuck here or there.  But it is lovely to see a few women who appear to be embracing their age.  Providing a strong example of fantastic long careers to the younger women coming behind them.   And providing beauty role models for the rest of us.

Other beautiful women born in 1934 include:

 Dame Maggie Smith

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Brigitte Bardot

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And with that I am stepping down off my soap box for a while.