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I recently returned from a trip to Toronto for Blissdom Canada and Digital Day = Four days, 2 flights, 2 conferences, 2 parties (1 of them costume), an excursion to wine country and an afternoon with friends.  This equalled 6 very different outfits and one carry-on.   I knew I had to take my suitcase with me to the […]

I have always been a lover of food.  From vegetables to dessert I have never been fussy.  I was the kid my friend's parents loved because I would finish my vegetables and then the vegetables left on their kids plates.   And I love trying new things. As I entered my 40s I started becoming a […]

I don't like to talk sizes much, because they change so much from brand to brand (and sometimes drastically even within the same brand). I wear the clothes that fit my body and my style.  The specific size doesn't really matter.  But for this post it makes sense for me to tell you that I generally wear around a […]

Since I am (what I like to term as) a "Former Ad Guy", a pop culture junkie and a child of the 60s,  Mad Men should have been required viewing. But I initially resisted.  I ended up catching my first glimpse of Mad Men Season 1 when it came out on DVD.  And I've been hooked ever since.   It […]

Last week, as I have previously blogged, I attended the Leading Moms conference.  I'd describe the event like a mini Ted hosted by and for Moms.  We have a wide variety of inspirational Moms in a mix of performance, video and talks.   I wrote down small nuggets of truth from several presentations, but I was […]

Last week was a busy one.  Especially Wednesday where I attended both the opening of the New Toni Plus shop at The Bay Downtown and Leading Moms.  I'll write more on each of those events shortly, but for now I thought I would share what I wore for my busy day. As I was going to be […]

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