I picked up this great gray dress at Nicole Bridger's Warehouse sale a few weeks ago for $25.  It is a great Tencel (made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees) t-shirt style dress, with a dolman type sleeve which reminds me of a favourite 80s top I had.  When I got it I thought wow I could wear this a lot of different ways. So I decided to challenge myself to wear it for 5 days and try to make it look different each day.  Here are the results.

Day 1 - Work from home. 

On Monday's I spend a lot of time hanging with my son, and then working from home while he is school.  I find leggings are very playground (no worries about flashing anyone at the playground) and home office friendly.   I added a belt and then adjusted it to make the dress a tunic style top over the leggings.

Dress: Nicole Bridger - Leggings: Milky Way - T shirt: Joe Fresh - Scarf: KDon - Belt: Addition Elle - Hat: Can't remember - Shoes: Toms.

Day 2 - Meetings at Client's Office

Here I attempted a skirt over a dress.  I liked the overall look, but next time I'd try a shorter skirt so that the dress would show a bit more at the bottom.  I got a lot of complements on this outfit.

Dress: Nicole Bridger - Sweater: Ann Taylor - Skirt: can't remember Necklace: Joe Fresh - Belt: Addition Elle - Cuff: Ann Taylor - Cocktail Ring: Addition Elle - Boots: Glacee

Day 3 - Another Day at the Office

Here I attempted the dress with a bright sweater, tights and boots.  I'm not sure I love the red boots with it.  Next time I'd wear lighter tights and different shoes.

Really not sure what I am trying to "lift" in this picture.  Sort of reminds me of Wilma Flintstone for some reason.

Dress: Nicole Bridger - Sweater: David Nygard - Belt: Danier Leather - necklace: Shanti Uganda - Boots: Bos - Tights: Joe Fresh.

Day 4 - Errands

I worked from home, did an airport pick-up and shopping with my Mom, which turned into an unscheduled school pick-up for my son who got pink eye instead.   I thought I'd add some purple into the outfit, which doesn't really show in the picture, but the t-shirt and belt are both dark purple.  While at home I wore my Tom's, but when out I put on my flat black Camper boots.  In the picture I find the leggings a bit distracting, but they were the perfect length to fit into the top of my boots.


Dress: Nicole Bridger - Purple t-shirt: Joe Fresh - Belt: Addition Elle- Scarf: Joe Fresh - Leggings:C'est Moi Naturals - Shoes: Toms.

Day 5 - Casual Friday

This was supposed to be a Casual Friday office outfit, but became an at home with my sick kid outfit instead.  In this case I folded up the tunic to make it into a top and wore it over a bright red button shirt.  Again the Toms were for inside the house, and were switched for more appropriate footwear in the rain.

Dress: Nicole Bridger - Shirt: Addition Elle- Jeans: Lev's - Necklace: Renata Crowe - Shoes: Toms.

Overall, I am not sure all the options worked perfectly. But I certainly know what dress I am taking on my next vacation. 

And just because I am feeling inventive I am linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style.

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