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Many of us are planning winter escapes during the upcoming Spring School break.  I know the constant Vancouver grey and drizzle is starting to get me down.  A trip to a warm sunny destination, even if spent chasing a 4 year old around, is a welcome escape from the everyday of chasing a 4 year […]

The woman can wear the dress. Or the dress can wear her.  To me the best Oscar dresses make the woman shine so you see a great full package.   The trends on this year's carpet were more white, some lovely 20s and 30s detailing and of course colour.  It was great to see women in their […]


I thought it would be interesting to see what the Costume Designers wear when they get dressed up for their Annual Awards show.  Now to be completely honest I did not necessarily verify the age of the various costume designers.  Their ages are not as readily available as actors, so I made a few guesses […]

It is leap year, and this year instead of just celebrating the extra day, you can also make a stop against bullying. Next Wednesday, February 29th is Pink Shirt Day. You don't need to have school age children to make a statement against bullying. Bullying doesn't just take place in the school yard, it happens […]

Last night, along with about 50 other women, I attended a fun clothing exchange party. We all brought 8-10 items and got to go home with some new "to us" items.  I took a friend of 28 years who I knew would tell me if something could work or be salvaged.  With a glass of wine […]

We had a brief nice few days so I was able to take an outfit picture last week.  It is not necessarily my most inventive outfit day. But I spent a lot of time talking about buying a vest (Talbots) last fall and haven't really shown it in practice.  Plus I love these argyle tights (Hue).   […]

This is the first year that I've included the British version of the Oscars. But there seems to be too many great red carpet dresses, by the 40 and over set, that I couldn't ignore them.  The dresses were simpler than the Oscars, with lots of solid white, black and red.  Most of the ladies played it […]

I love the Grammy Awards because it brings together so many styles of music. And red carpet styles.  Many of the ladies played it safe, but there are always some risk takers at the Grammy Awards. Some paid off with great personal style. Others not so much. I am leading the slide show with Diana […]

They just announced Madonna will be coming to Vancouver.  Tickets go on sale Monday. I have already emailed my hubbie the  info... a Valentine's Day hint.  Madonna has always been someone people either love or hate.   40+Style blogged a great piece this week about Madonna and How We are Supposed to Age.  Give it a […]

Tomorrow, February 9th is National Sweater Day.  Now I know what you are thinking... " as a Canadian so isn't everyday in February National Sweater Day?"  And while in theory this is true for much of Canada,  February 9th is the actual National Sweater Day. And an opportunity for you to put on your favourite sweater and turn down […]

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