My girlfriend Rita Rogers has been featured here before, and also here.  And with good reason. She always looks great. She clearly understands her shape and fashion personality.  Last week she once again hosted the Women in Leadership Foundation's BC Women in Business luncheon. And she rocked this great tweed dress.  The best part it was a $40 dress from Ross.... but shhh don't tell anybody. 

She paired the dress with these fantastic boots from Browns, which can be worn high or folded down for a more casual look.  My favourite element was the sexy zipper in the back. 

On top of it all, she wore a gorgeous Jacqueline Conoir jacket. Alas no picture.  But my biggest oops was not getting someone to take the picture of us together. 

Rita really is so much fun and has a great sense of humour. She started the event off with a story about her first bra shopping trip.  She had us all laughing in the aisles.  Plus she works for the Canucks, so I came home with a couple of towels for my boys too.