I will be honest. I haven't quite forgiven TLC for moving What Not to Wear to Tuesday nights.   There is nothing nicer after a long busy week than to plunk down on the couch for some friday fashion candy. But it hasn't stopped me from getting my fix of Stacy and Clinton.  I just PVR it and watch it on Friday night.  Usually with a cocktail.

The new season starts tonight - the first of 26 new episodes.  And it sounds like there might be some Dancing the Stars action. Unfortunately they aren't tackling the sequins and tight pants. They are making over Cheryl's assistant. 

Be sure to tune in (or set your PVR if you are busy - like me) tonight.  I'm looking forward to a couple of new things this year - including a bigger 360 degree mirror and a 2 week later follow -up.  An addition that I feel is long over due.  Watch for my review of the new season late Friday night.

TLC gave me a preview video at Blogher, but I am stumped on how to get it to load onto my blog. So you will just have to watch tonight.  Or PVR. Your choice.  And isn't that just the best thing about technology!