Following my trend of posting my review the day of the next episode.   But hey I could be known for much worse things in life.

This was such a fun episode to watch.   I think it might actually be my favourite episode ever.   I loved that they understood Noel and never tried to make her someone different. It may be the only episode I've ever seen where Stacy and Clinton have embraced sequins.  In a good way.

Noel was trying so hard to be an individual she didn't realize she was losing herself. And scaring everyone else away.   Noel was a 22 year old hairdresser with a WILD streak that was intimidating potential clients.  When faced with those wookiees on her feet, that she called boots, I was pretty scared too. 

Goal this week was to turn Noel into an individual and not an alienating crazy lady.  How they hoped to do this, teach Noel some fashion focus so she wouldn't be such a white hot mess.

By the end, of course, she had had her emotional journey and what turned out the other side was a rocking edgy individual.  She looked like she loved life, and wasn't going to scare away any clients. 

Biggest surprise this week. The hair make over was the best part.  Nothing like a hair dresser making over a hair dresser to add some great emotional growth opportunity. And the hair cut completely rocked. 

Second biggest surprise... Clinton in shorts.  And the opening sequence at the aerialists studio.  Nothing like an ambush when the victim star of the week is in the super vulnerable position hanging upside down while doing the splits. 

This week both Clinton Stacy got in some deep meaningful quotes this week.  Stacy really nailed Noel to the wall a few times.

Best quotes:

  • Clinton - "It's too bad we don't have a bucket cause I'm going to to puke"
  • Clinton - "The outfit wore you"
  • Stacy - "What do you want your look to say about you?".... Noel "That I'm different. That I'm like nobody else."
  • Noel - "I love my body"  (so refreshing to have an episode where body image wasn't the issue)
  • Stacy - "Don't you think there is a way to dress that could command attention without giving the wrong message. So that it is more in keeping with who you are rather than the exact opposite of what you are."(said while standing in the 360 degree mirror discussing the crack addict street walker outfit worn by the non drinking Noel who is pissed off that everyone thinks she is a crack head... okay maybe you had to be there to understand this one)
  • Stacy - "Flatter you. Then you won't have to find things that make you look like you are trying too hard."
  • Clinton - "Things don't have to be expensive to look expensive"
  • Stacy - "God darn it Noel you are so pretty on your own"
  • Clinton - "Looks like you respect yourself"

For Noel's $5,000 she got 30 outfits, consisting of:

  • 5 dresses
  • 6 pants
  • 4 jackets
  • 7 shoes
  • 8 skirts
  • and stylish accessories

 Tonight Jackie!