This was a momentousepisode in our house. This was the first EVER episode my mother had ever seen.   As I mentioned in an earlier blog my mom is visiting from the mid west.  She loves shopping and fashion. I figured it was a given she would want to watch WNTW with me.  Except she had never heard of it.  NEVER!   To her defense she doesn't have cable.  So she gets the normal NBC, CBS, and ABC channels only.  But I mean you would have thought she would have at least heard of it.  I mean really. How does that happen! 

So Jackie was a great introduction to the show for her.  A great emotional and physical transformation without too many dramatics.  Jackie was a classic case of a woman who needed a self esteem boost.  She was either disappearing in her fiance's over sized t-shirts and sweats or she was wearing the polar opposite with UBER slutty clothes that she would hide from her kids.  

The back story for Jackie included several bad past relationships which made her over compensate to keep her partner interested.   When asked if she thought she was beautiful you could hear crickets.  So add in a poor self image and you get Jackie's  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style.

Once again two outfits were put into the 360 degree mirror (and BTW does anyone else miss seeing 3 outfits in this segment?) and dissected.

Outfit #1 was the aforementioned fiance's t-shirt and sweats.  Stacy suggests that this outfit is sublimely telling people that Jackie doesn't believes she matters. 

Outfit #2 is a "going out" outfit with no bra and cleavage down to her navel. Jackie admits she doesn't let her kids see her in this outfit.   To me if you aren't willing to let your kids see you in an outfit, it is likely you are showing too much to everyone else too!

Stacy sums up the situation quite well "One (outfit) says you don't value yourself at all. The other says you are giving yourself away for free."


  • Stacy - "We are gonna go with the fact that sexy needs a little bit of a ... tweak in terms of definition for you."  - UNDERSTATEMENT!
  • Clinton -  "She has that great curvy body. Which is inherently sexy. So I feel that you could put a sack on her and belt it and she is going to look sexy... with the right show."
  • Stacy and Clinton - "Maybe she is the salad fairy" After Jackie tries on a lettuce green dress.
  • Clinton - "The bod does all the work.  The clothes don't have to do any work for you..." Stacy " Except the bra. The bra does its job."
  • Stacy - "If you make yourself happy first then you won't need to worry what Jean and the kids think cause you'll be happy."
  • Clinton - "When being true to yourself then that is sexy"
  • Clinton - "Take your panties and leave..." (after Stacy and Clinton gave Jackie a sexy lingerie set so she could steam it up a little bit... in the bedroom... in the privacy of her own home.)


  • emphasize the narrowest part of you at the waist
  • bring the girls up (ie wear a bra) and you will look longer and leaner
  • don't be afraid of colour
  • if you get a crease across a skirt at the hips it doesn't fit you

Moment of the week - hearing Stacy and Clinton compare Jackie's going out clothes as something that might be worn to the porn awards.  You know your outfit is bad when...

Moment #2 - Jackie's super sweet fiance.  He wanted her to look sexy, but not slutty. And the tears in his eyes during her final reveal.

BTW I loved Clinton in a vest, skinny 60s pants and purple tie outfit. LOVED it!  But then there was also that mental image of him in hot pink short shorts.  EWW!

The Outfits

I'd so would wear the teal cardigan, belted over black t-shirt and b/w tweed skirt that was her 2nd reveal outfit.  And both her purple dresses were fantastic (they did tell her purple was great for her colouring and her blue eyes).

Jackie got 30 outfits, including:

  • 5 dresses
  • 20 tops
  • 6 pants
  • 3 skirts
  • 6 shoes
  • a BRA

Offside - Clearly TLC shows need to cross pollinate their different audiences. Although I would have thought that Say Yes to the Dress and WNTW would have had very similar audiences. Seemed like a strange cross over to me.

If you missed Jackie's episode it airs at 8pm tonight, before the new episode at 9pm.  This week it is Heather,  who at 6' 1" is likely to get noticed no matter what she wears.