Really don't know what what I was thinking telling everyone I'd run a What Not to Wear Review last week - when I was organizing a big event early Saturday morning.  So after a great event and a couple of days to veg out, I'm ready to write my review. Hey it only took me a week, so I can't do any worse this week.  Right?!?  Maybe I need someone to do a guest post on work, life overload balance.

Anyways the season launched with an episode about Cheryl Burke... errr I mean her assistant Becky.  Well it really did feel like it was a Cheryl episode, with how much she appeared in it.  Did anyone else think it was weird to have your boss along for an emotionally draining make-over?  She certainly didn't have much to add (see below for classic Cheryl quotes). I say ratings grab. 

Then there was the styling room.  OMG!  I've been dreaming about that styling room for nights.  Reminds me of the crazy stylist room on Ugly Betty.  Who wouldn't want to get lost in that room... but I digress.

Back to Becky, who was described as a "casual sportsbar" by her other boss Jenny McCarthy.  And while I love a woman who loves hockey, I agreed with Stacy and Clinton that she seemed to be using her boxy t-shirts, jeans, flip-flops and sports gear to cover up and hide in LA.  She was clearly not comfortable in her own skin.

This was a classic WNTW episode, without too many dramatics, but a clear emotional journey.  Becky cried during her solo shopping day when she tried on a dress.  And of course was schooled in how to rock a dress the next day by Stacy and Clinton.   In the end, Becky discovered her curves could work to her advantage and went home with a new $5,000 wardrobe, which included 35 outfits made of: 12 tops; 5 pants; 2 jackets; 3 sweaters; 7 shoes; and 4 dresses.  And I have to admit that purple dress she wore to her reveal was hot.  And the looks on Cheryl and Jenny's faces were CLASSIC! 

I decided not to give a blow-by-blow of the episode, but wrote down some of my favourite quotes instead.

Clinton's words of wisdom

  • "She thinks people think she looks comfortable, but they think she is a slob"
  • "When a body has shape find clothes that work with it"
  • "You've got to try on clothes so you know what looks good on your body and what doesn't. That gives you the information to shop in the future" 

Cheryl's pearls of... wisdom??

  • "This is definitely much better"
  • "Grow some balls"
  • "A dude would wear that"

Stacy - I love this lady, but really the wisdom came from Clinton this week...

  • "Shut the front door" (it is never a truly excellent episode of WNTW without this quote)
  • "Wham Pow"
  • "$#@%*"

Becky's "emotional" journey

  • "Seeing things that work, it helps me get past my own mental roadblocks."
  • "My curves are good and they aren't working against me. "

My 2 cents on the changes this season:

  • Opening sequence - love the new opening sequence and the punches of red (especially that hat Stacy wears)
  • New 360 degree mirror - glad TLC finally spent the money on a room big enough for all 3 of them to fit into. 
  • 2 weeks later - complete let down. I was hoping for a visit of what she is wearing and not a video message from Becky reminding us of what a great emotional journey this was for her.  A missed opportunity in my mind.

Finally, I have to ask when did Visa stop sponsoring the show? It seemed weird for them to give Becky a  What Not to Wear card?

Finally, my overall take it that TLC kept their basic winning formula the same. But the changes weren't really that substantial.  To me there is still not enough time spent giving good shopping tips and going through the new outfits that work.  My recommendation would be to cut down the hair and make-up section, as I usually fast forward that part to the reveal anyways.  

Tonight - Maggie, a mother of two.

Questions - did you watch?  Should I continue to give you some of Stacy and Clinton's pearls of wisdom every week? Do you care if I'm late with my review?