Last week I made the trek to West Vancouver to check out the new digs for Urban Mommies - so jealous of her view out to the Marina. It was a bit of a mix mash of a day for me with a Board of Trade networking event at lunch and then the party at Urban Mommies, where I was bringing my son. I didn't want to be chasing a 3 year old in a skirt, so I decided that I would have to change. I dressed up for the Board of Trade with a black pencil skirt, and then switched to jeans for the party. All the other elements were consistent. Although I will admit I would have worn some funky earrings to the party, but I know from experience that my 3 year old loves to grab them. So I kept the jewelry minimal.

I had hoped to get pictures of some of the other outfits at the party (there were some fantastic shoes), but quickly realized that it was almost impossible to take pictures without getting kids in the picture. Thanks to Gwen from leftcoastmama for having the patience to take my picture. I had to delete about 12 as they had kids in them or blurry streaks from kids racing by us. In the end we got one without kids, but I'm howling in laughter. The version with the nice smile has my son up to some mischief in the corner. At least his Chill Monkeys hat looks pretty cute.

  • Top - Dahlia Drive
  • Jeans - Ann Taylor
  • Teal Tank top - The Loft
  • Bracelets - H&M
  • Orange Sandals - Fluevog

One last aside, my husband dropped off my son to me at the office, so we could go to the party. He forgot Lil T's shoes. So I had to carry him in and out of the party and then to the restaurant where we had dinner after. Good thing I was dressed comfortably.

Also some of you may recognize this kimono top from my trip to the Opera. I split cream puff on it that night. And I managed to drip something on it again at Urban Mommies. Good thing it hand washes and dries easily.