My girlfriend offered me her second ticket to the opera on Saturday. I love Opera + I love a night out of the house = win win.  But I forgot to take my picture before I left the house and I didn't take my SLR with me.  So the photos below are from my phone.  Sorry!

  • Cashmere cardigan: Gift from my mom
  • Dress: Winners
  • Pearls:  3 strands that I've had  too long to remember
  • Pearl bracelet: Thrifted
  • Pin: Off an Esprit top
  • Black patent purse: Daniel Leather
  • Shoes: Fluevogs

It was cold and rainy on Saturday.  I was excited to wear my 50s style chiffon and lace dress (which I finally had tailored so it fit).  But I knew I'd be cold, so I added a cashmere cardigan, and pinned it to try to create a waist.  It was a good thing that I wore the cardigan because I discovered the cleavage on this dress is pretty risque.  I'll be pinning it or wearing a camisole in future. 

It had been a long time since I'd been to the opera.  And clearly manners have changed.  And no it wasn't cell phone manners, but regular old manners.  People taking their sneakers off, drinking & eating, wearing hats and not taking them off until asked, etc.  There was even a lady knitting, although I don't think this was necessarily rude, just odd. 

From the opera La clemenza di Tito I learnt to never trust the red head who convinces you the only way to show your love is to help her murder the  emperor (who happens to be your best friend) who rejected her... it can't end well.  Well this was a Mozart, so it actually does end well, but there was lots of drama, fire and tears along the way.