I was in Portland about 7 years ago and stumbled upon a gorgeous navy blue crepe 1940s suit (dress and blazer), that had never been worn.  I bought it, intending to wear it as a going away outfit at my wedding. But I never found the right undergarments (the skin tone lace slip I had fit but was very shiny under the dress). So it went to the back of the closet. Fast forward 7 years and I pulled the dress out thinking it would be perfect for Blogher. I even had it shortened to a more flattering length for me. Then I realized I had the same undergarment issue the night before I left. So once again it goes back into the closet. So last week, the day before Eco Fashion Week, I was close to Main and 16th, with 15 minutes to spare. So I figured I'd run into a couple of vintage stores and see what I'd find. I NEVER recommend to anyone to RUN into a vintage store with a specific item in mind when you don't have time to really look. Why?  First your head might explode from the vintage store selection. And second because you will never find what you need. Well, the moon has turned blue. Because I found a lovely navy blue vintage slip (non shiny) that fit me perfectly. Thank you Bohemia Gallery.

So I finally got to cut the tags off the dress and wore it to the 2nd day of Eco Fashion Week,  styled with my new white necklace from Fine Finds, red bracelet and Fluevogs. Not sure what was happening with my hair that night, but I think the rest looks great.

This photo of the outfit on Facebook, taken by the pro photographer with the snazzy lense gives a better pix of the dress.

Next vintage goal - wear the matching navy blue and white blazer, which has a very large white collar. I might need some expert help with this one.