I have this great red skirt that I have owned for years. But really only worn maybe a dozen times. It is my orphan skirt. Last year when I had a stylist review my closet she loved the skirt. And noted on my list of things to buy a top that would work with it. But I have yet to find a great mate to my skirt. What I have found are some great accessory friends. My red Toms Shoes wedges and a necklace from Clutch Jewels. This necklace seems to have become very popular with my spring wardrobe, as I've worn in at least 3 "What I wore" photos in the past month.

The skirt is my favourite shade of red, with purple, orange and pink designs sewn into it. It has an uneven front hem and is just so comfortable.   My Clutch Jewelsnecklace is purple, pink and orange.  I can wear it in a variety of ways - I picked a laureate style today.  It seems to have been hand picked for this skirt.

Anyways, today I wore the spring uniform of a t-shirt and jean jacket with the skirt. It was a casual work day and this seemed a comfortable and colourful choice.   Next time I might try it with my bright pink sweater and a red belt.

  • Skirt - Solora from Jack & Jill - bought when they were in their older smaller location on Granville Street
  • Jacket - BCBG - bought my first summer in Vancouver... 12 years ago
  • T-shirt - Joe Fresh
  • Shoes - Wedges from Tom Shoes
  • Necklace - Clutch Jewels