Earlier this month I picked up a new "to me" scarf at Value Village. I posted a pic of the frugal $2.99 find. And I tied it on my denim bag.  But I had not yet worn it.  So here is the picture of me finally wearing said scarf. It was one of the last nice summerish September days, so I framed the outfit around the scarf and my pink fluevog peep toe shoes - had to take advantage of that nice day.

Now I originally worn a white t-shirt under the pink sweater, but the scarf isn't quite white anymore. So I switched to a pink tank.  It was a bit matchy with the cardigan, but what the heck.  At least I wasn't wearing matching scrunchy socks. 

Other than the scarf there is nothing remotely new with this outfit. The oldest piece is the bias cut cordoroy skirt from The Gap, which I bought in 2000.  I shortened it last year, at the suggestion of a stylist, and it feels brand new.  The Fluevogs are also about 9 or 10 years old.   

I'm also showing off my longer hair cut. I've been growing it out over the summer and it is finally getting cute again.

  • Skirt -  The Gap
  • Cardigan - Tobias for Plum
  • Tank top - Joe Fresh
  • Shoes - Fluevog
  • Scarf - Value Village