Update - Had a little issue on the blog yesterday and had to fix with the back-up from the day before. So I had to re-post this post from yesterday.

So I clearly did not plan out my June and July blog content very well. Our daycare provider went on holiday and things got busy at work. And my ill preparation has shown with infrequent posts and heavy balance on the "what I wore". Well have some patience this week - as I have several more "what I wore posts" coming. But then I hope to be back in sync with some more lively, discussion oriented content.

Last week I wore another one of my new skirts from Jacqueline Conoir blow-out sale ($65). This is my first ever navy blue skirt. And it is a simple pencil skirt in the front. But in the back it is just a little bit flirty. Now without getting into a discussion about body image, I'll say that one part of myself that I do appreciate is my back side. It isn't a small back side, but IMHO, a nice back side doesn't need to be a small back side.

And yes, I'm about to put a close up picture of my back side online. And yes, I was wearing spanx.

  • Blouse - Jones New York
  • Skirt - Jacqueline Conoir
  • Necklace - Vintage
  • Sandals - Campers
  • Sunglass - Target