On my way home from Spend on Trend a few weeks ago I walked by the window at C'est La Vie on Main Street when I saw the most adorable hat. It was a 1920/30s Girl Friday type hat I've been looking for for years. You know the type, likely last seen worn in a Thin Man movie by the career gal who somehow figures out the mystery. Well those types of hats either don't normally fit or are too expensive. But that day was different and after about 10 years of trying on similar hats I found one that fits, looks great and was only $30 (plus I got a discount for buying additional items - the shoes from last weeks post). #win!

The first day I wore the hat was yesterday for the first day of Eco Fashion Week Vancouver. The press preview and panel discussion day. I'll have more on the panel discussion with 4 very diverse eco-designers another day. So for now here is my outfit, complete with my cute new hat.

I wore the hat with a Nicole Bridger teal tunic tucked into a black pencil skirt, black swing cardigan from Wear Else, red necklace from Seattle,  red bracelet (gift from my mother), and Fluevogs (of course).   What makes this outfit eco - well Nicole Bridger uses eco-fabrics, produces locally and is an award winning sustainable designer.  The skirt and cardigan are classic wardrobe pieces that I have owned for 11 and 9 years respectfully.  I like to buy long term pieces that are good quality that will last and pair them with fun colours and retro styles.  I often shop vintage - although interesting that today I have a really vintage look. But nothing is actually vintage. That will have to wait until Thursday night... spoilers!

The cardigan is short in the back and has the long wings in front.  I normally wear it over a shoulder, like below.   But this day I mostly wore it open to show off the teal top.

I had lots of complements on the hat, which I wore into the sessions because I wasn't having the best hair day.  Since I had a cute hat I wore it.