Last week I was invited to speak at the monthly Vancouver Blogger Meetup along with 3 other local fashion bloggers. I was honoured to be asked by Raul at Hummingbird604 to participate in the panel.  Raul contacted me because he wanted some diversity on the panel and felt my 40+ perspective would be a good addition. 

The other bloggers were Olivia Lovenmark from Style Struck, Erin Gee from Haus of Hybrid and Liv Hung.  It was my first time meeting Olivia and Erin in person.  Interestingly Liv and I know each other from a past professional project. But this was our first blogger related meeting.

It was a keen yet easy going crowd at the Network Hub with none of the questions being too challenging.  It felt like a chat with other bloggers, that just happened to be witnessed by 20 or so other bloggers.  Great to meet so many new "to me" bloggers.  And special thanks to @pomomama for coming out to support.

Erin posted some tips from the evening's conversation.  And a great picture of her re-worked vintage dress.   I have to admit a bit of jealousy that she pulled off the socks with her Mary Jane's.  I might have tried that myself - about 20 years ago.

So what did I wear to the event.  We had discussed dressing up for the event, but the weather was crappy and most of us were coming from work (or a client meeting in my case).  So I threw a sweater over a dress, that I could take off if the others were dressy.

  • Dress - purple Jacqueline Conoir
  • Cardigan - animal print Ann Taylor
  • necklace - faux pearls  Fine Finds
  • cuff - Crochet wire with felt by Pomomana
  • tights - patterned Hue, from The Bay
  • shoes - Fluevog (of course)

And what is up with my Dutch cap hair you ask?  Well I'm growing it out. And it is in that icky, "nails on a chalkboard" stage.  I'm going to stay strong and resist the urge to chop it all off again.  At least for a few more weeks.   I know that once it gets just a bit longer that flip becomes a great back flip and less like a dutch cap.

Thanks to Raul and his Assistant Organizer Jonathon Narvey for hosting the night. Raul also posted a recap of the event here.  And an extra thanks to Raul for bringing the very yummy sushi from Momo Sushi.