While I was sick a few weeks ago I had a set up a seminar for some clients on a Friday.  I dressed to go to the event with the clients.  Because I felt like crap I added some cheery colour.  I made me feel like maybe it might be spring, even though I had to wear tights because it was raining and cold.   After I got to the office it was evident that I wasn't going to make the meeting - my constant cough would be a real distraction and who wanted to be stuck in a conference room with that! So the dress was wasted.  

Interesting I am wearing many of the same accessories from my post on wearing pink and red together. Sometimes a great bright pink sweater really comes in handy when dressing for work or the weekend.


  • Dress - Jacqueline Conoir Grey Sheath
  • Sweater - Tobias from Plum
  • Tights - Hue
  • Shoes - Fluevog
  • Necklace - Clutch
  • Bracelet - Gift