Last week I attended a Client's Holiday dinner party.  The invitation said Smart Casual. Well to me Smart Casual is what I wear on Fridays, so after some discussion with other attendees I decided to pull out a bit of holiday glitz. 

I have a bronze sequined top that was a gift from earlier this year.  This seemed like a good opportunity to wear it.   I don't wear a lot of gold jewelry (and I also don't venture into the brown/bronze colours often), so it also felt like the right time to pull out my Grandmother's cameo necklace.  Since the cameo sort of blended into the top a bit, I added colour in some layered bangles and dark lips.  The last touch was my animal print heels - just for fun.

  • Sparkly party top - INC
  • Pencil Skirt - KS Selection
  • Animal print heels - Nice West
  • Cameo necklace - vintage
  • Pink bracelet - gift
  • Blue pandora bracelet - gift
  • Blue African necklace

I think next time I'd leave the pink bracelet off. While it added colour it felt a bit casual for the outfit.  I'd also go with a different lipstick. The dark red/purple didn't feel right with this colour scheme.

The cameo blended a bit too much with the top. I'll have to find another outfit to wear it with, so it can shine.

Oh and the sparkly top is not comfortable under the arms after a couple of hours. Certainly NOT a dancing top - even though it is machine washable.