So my netbook had a mini breakdown during Blogher. I can't blame it really it was a crazy busy trip with blogging on my lap in the backseat of the Traverse and then all those sessions and parties. The unfortunate result was that I couldn't download any of my outfit pictures after the first day.  So here is a complete summary, and sorry for the duplication for those who read my 1st two Blogher outfit posts.  And sorry for some of the phone camera shots.  Was often too busy enjoying the experience of Blogher to remember to take a good picture of my out.

My challenge to myself was to wear at least one item that was vintage, local, thrift or repurposed in each outfit at the conference. I wanted to show you can look modern and still incorporate eco-friendly pieces.

Thursday night

  • Local = Denim Dress by Jovani - Designed and Manufactured in Vancouver
  • Local = Orange Sandals by Fluevog - Designed in Vancouver
  • Vintage = Orange 60s Necklace from Burcu's Angels
  • Repurposed =  Orange scarf  from my closet worn as bracelet (check this great Sweet Spot video for instructions)

Friday Day

  • Local = Skirt - Jacqueline Conoir - designed and manufactured in Vancouver
  • Local & Repurposed = Tie Necklace -  Valerie Gobert bought at Portobello West
  • Local = Bracelet is Clutch necklace - designed and manufactured in Vancouver
  • Local = Cardigan - Tobias for Plum designed in Vancouver - see Plum's Proudly Canadian policy
  • White shirt - Point Zero
  • Glasses - unknown
  • Flip-flops - gift from my mom

Friday Night

I'll admit this was weakest outfit in my challenge. I had planned to wear a great 1950s navy blue crepe dress, but realized at the last minute that my slip did not work under it.  I am now on the hunt to find a vintage slip.  In the meantime I wore my new (and cheap $40) In-Wear LBD with a great vintage pin and vintage fake pearls.   And YES I am a HUGE Doctor Who geek, so I was all over (literally) the David Tennant pop-up at Sparklecorn after some sweaty dancing. 

  • Vintage = Purple Butterfly pin - Flea market
  • Vintage = At least 2 out of the 3 strands of fake pearls have been in my closet since at least 1991, making them my own vintage.
  • Local = crochet wire bracelet - Ebb and Flo
  • Local = Fluevog shoes (not seen in photo) - my "go-to" black and grey fluevogs
  • Dress - InWear - bought at Urban Rack on sale for $40. 

Yup I did some sweaty dancing that night!

Ebb and Flo wire crochet bracelet

The "go-to" Fluevogs

Saturday Day

 Full disclosure here,  I only wore this outfit until noon on Saturday. Then my toes started to tire of the thong flip flops. So I changed into my converse, jeans and my new mustard cardigan to hit the mall for a bit of shopping.  But I loved the combination of navy, white and the pop of blue. So I'll likely a variation of this outfit again.

  • Local = Navy Tunic - Jacqueline Conoir - Designed and manufactured in Vancouver
  • Vintage/Repurposed = White scarf worn as bracelet - stolen from my mom's closet in the 80s.
  • White Tank Top = Joe Fresh
  • Turquoise Necklace = Stella and Dot
  • Skinny trousers = Banana Republic
  • Flip Flips - Gift from my mom

Saturday Night

For a good picture of this outfit check the photo from my the Urban Mommiesparty when I wore it first.  The only pictures I took of myself that night were at the CheeseburHer party with a McDonald's bag on my head. Now I worked on the McDonald's Western Canada advertising account for several years, and even attended Hamburger University, and I had never ever before worn a McDonald's bag on my head.  So I had to take at least one goofy bag hat picture.

  • Local/Vintage/Repurposed  = Kimono Top - Dahlia Drive - designed and manufactured in Vancouver from vintage scarf, sari and old shear curtains
  • Re-purposed = Denim purse - an old diaper bag with a ton of fantastic pockets that works perfect as a purse if you ignore the pink waterproof interior
  • Trouser Jeans - Ann Taylor
  • Bracelets - H&M
  • Tank - The Loft
  • Hat - McDonald's

Special thanks to my roommate Alexis for helping me finalize some of my accessories and for taking the nicer "real" camera shots of my outfits.

Disclaimer - GM of Canada loaned us the Chevrolet Traverse to drive to San Diego. They also paid our gas, insurance and hotels en route.  I paid for my ticket and hotel at Blogher '11. I also paid for all my own outfits.