Waaaay back in the day, specifically the 90s when I was in my 20s.  Sundays were the day that you could recover from a long busy work week and perhaps some overindulgance from the Saturday night. So you got up late,  sort of brushed your hair, read a book, watched some tv and generally lazed around.  Then I got old, and yeah I became a parent too. So those lazy Sundays were history.

Today I woke up exhausted.  Three days of driving and a busy Blogher conference weekend will do that.  So today was one of those lazy Sundays.   I got up, ran a brush through my hair (sort of), put on some clothes that looked like they might be clean,  had a coffee with the girls, read some of my book, played with my new toy (the HTC Flyer), watched a movie (I had forgotten how hot Don Cheadle is in Ocean's Eleven), had a picnic lunch, ate chocolate (a lot of chocolate) and sang along to some 80s tunes.  I didn't put on make-up, I didn't check any emails,  I didn't review my list of things to do this week,  I didn't clean anything, I didn't pick-up after my husband, I didn't chase a small person around the house.  I just hung out.

Playing with camera on my new HTC Player in big sun rose coloured glasses.

The difference was I did it from the back seat of a Chevrolet Traverse, hurtling north on the I5 on my way back home to Vancouver.  Back to the family I miss desperately and will not see for yet another 2 days.  But I am choosing to not think about that, or my aching legs from dancing in high heels, my slight dehydration from drinking more than usual or my unidentified road trip bruises.  Today was a glass half full kind of day. Today was a lazy Sunday.

Disclaimer - GM of Canada loaned us the Chevrolet Traverse to drive to San Diego. They also paid our gas and hotels en route.  I paid for my Blogher conference ticket and hotel.

The HTC Flyer was provided by HTC after I participated in a consumer research group for them at BlogHer.  And yes, I am more than just a bit in love with it.