We are heading down to the US for a short shopping trip.   I haven't done a complete wardrobe audit, but I know I have enough coloured t-shirts and tank tops.  My casual summer "mom" uniform tends to be a bright t-shirt, cardigan/jean jacket, skirt/capris/chinos - with fun accessories like a scarf to jazz it up.    So I'll be hunting Target and other shops for a couple of trendier (and inexpensive) items to jazz up my summer wardrobe.

  • Striped t-shirt - I know I'm curvy and shouldn't consider wearing horizontal stripes, but I've decided I'm going to break this rule.  As long I find something that fits me well I may as well celebrate my curves.  I'm taking a bit of inspiration from Christina Hendricks here.   And I really love the sailor t-shirt look.
  • Maxi Dress - Another rule breaker, but love how these comfortable these dresses are and the longer length is less likely to flash anybody when I'm chasing after my son at a summer BBQ.   And I like a dress vs a long skirt because it can make me look longer.   Also going to look for a style that could be shortened in the future when the maxi length is no longer "in".   If I come home with a cute knee length sun dress that would be okay too.   Which ever length I pick I need to be able to wear a regular  bra under it. 
  • Lightweight tunic top - I need something longer to wear with my skinny trousers or leggings this summer.   Lots of fun patterned tops out there and I'm hoping one has my name on it.   Something that I can wear on its own or under my jean jacket/cardigan would be ideal.
  • White scoop neck t-shirt - My old ones are just not so white anymore. 

I'll also be keeping an eye out for a couple of other closet staples...

  • Casual Pants - I'm not in love with my summer pants/capri/short selection.  I have a pair of chinos from Joe Fresh that are comfortable but sit quite low on my hips so I get that gap in the back that borders on a plumber issue when I sit down.  I have problems finding pants that fit. So I'll be looking for a lightweight pair of pants or longer city shorts that I can become part of my Mom Uniform.  
  • White button down shirt - this seems to be permanently on my list.  I never seem to find one that fits comfortably, so I keep searching.  Like the HIMYM crowd trying to find the perfect burger in NYC. 

What I will NOT be buying is shoes!!!  I bought some great new sandals in New York last summer and do not have a need for anymore summer shoes.  Now that hasn't stopped me in the past.  But I am on a tight budget. So no shoes for me. 

If I don't find what I need on this trip I can always add to my list for  Blogher trip to San Diego later in the summer. 

What is on your summer shopping list?