Spring finally seems to have arrived - well until tomorrow when it changes its mind.  No matter what the weather man decides, the magazines and blogs are all talking about what is hot for spring.

 - Whites - Minimalism - Colour blocking -  Patterns - 70s -

Now here is my personal list of what is big for spring: 

  • Colours - I love reds, jewel colours, rich greens and teals.  Nothing new here for me.  Except that I've added some dark pink/magenta. And I'm considering some yellow - like a dark mustard yellow.  Certainly not my normal go-to colours.
  • Comfortable - Spring/summer clothes should look great, but also be comfortable (in both air conditioned and hot/humid outdoor situations).
  • Flexible - The rule of 3. Each piece needs to work for multiple situations and with multiple items already in my closet.  This means items need to work at the park with my son through to dinner out with my husband.  They need to work for real life. 
  • Eco - To me this means, quality (over quantity) pieces probably designed and produced locally with a genuine thought about the workers that produce it.
  • Pretty - This goes without say that spring brings with it an increased  need for pretty things.

 There is one local designer that meets all of my personal spring trends. And she is opening a new Kits boutique, 2151 W 4th Avenue,  this Saturday.  I've raved about Nicole Bridger here before.  I saw her spring line at Eco Fashion Week last fall.   And I fell in love with several items in her collection.  

Nicole's designs are always simple yet feminine and appeal to women who want beautiful clothes that work in real life.  Nicole designs for women, regardless of shape, size and age.  This season she added more colour than she has ever had before. And I love it.  

Here are some of my favourite piece that fit into my personal What is Hot for spring list...

The collection has a colour palette that ranges from modern neutrals, to soft peach and pink hues, to golden greens and bright blues.  My favourite is the mustard yellow pieces. 

Too True Short, Uplifting Jacket & Trust Tank

Strength Dress


The fabrics breath and the styles can be worn for days.     The skirts aren't too short or the pants too tight.  Many of her waist bands are elastic.  In short, they work beautifully for a variety of situations. For those of us in Vancouver, we always need that light sweater to add in air conditioning or on chilly nights. And this Spirit Cardigan is the perfect option.

Spirit Cardigan


The rule of three is easy to achieve with items like the Creative Tunic.  Shown here on its own and paired with a skirt. I may never wear it on its own. But I can certainly see it paired with a belt, leggings and flat sandals on a Saturday.  Tucked into a skirt for the office. And jazzed up for a night out.

Creative Tunic

Creative Tunic and Compassion Skirt

Eco Friendly 

Nicole was recipient the first ever Canadian eco fashion designer of the year award in 2010.  Not only do her designs use sustainable fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources they are also dyed with low impact dyes.  The majority of her goods are manufactured in Vancouver and if she manufacters overseas she uses fair-trade factories.  

Her new store will also be true to her passion of sustainability, even down to the store awning which will be made of fabric instead of vinyl.  Drop by the store this weekend and see all the eco features for yourself.


I saved the best for last.   I fell in love with this pretty Compassion Dress when I saw it last fall.   The picture below has a pale peach dress, but I love the Rain (dark blue) version.  Body Politic had it hanging in their window earlier this spring.  It made me do a double take everytime I drove past. It is my favourite from her spring/summer line.  A dress like this can live in your closet for years and can be worn in so many ways for so many different occassions.  And the hemline will ensure it is never boring.

To those of you on the east side, who don't drive over to Kits very often, Body Politic will continue to be your source for Nicole Bridger east of Main street. 

Compassion Dress

So my plans this week - head down to Nicole Bridger store and try on this dress. 

Thanks to The Vanguard PR for the Nicole Bridger photos.