I've been on my fair share of road trips with my girlfriends over the years.  But they are mostly in the past, because lately the only road tripping I do is with a full complement of juice boxes, wet wipes, hidden extra toys  and kids music.   Plus I've never been on one of those girls trips where you poured a bunch of hots girls into a car, drive for 24 hours or so and then enjoy a few days in a sunny location with your friends.  Yup, I've never did a Spring Break road trip to <insert your favourite hot climate destination here>.  Four years of University, a sorority full of girlfriends and I still never did the March Break Party road trip. 

This year I get to make up for that!  Thanks to GM of Canada who are sponsoring four hot Canadian mammas to drive down to BlogHer11 in San Diego in a Chevrolet Traverse.   My hot mamma car mates will be Alexis, Nicole and Karen.  


I have several expectations from our week long  Traverse Trip with the girls. There will be NO:

  •  juice boxes
  • toys - except tech toys (cameras, videos, phones) to record our fun adventure
  • Raffi or Pink Floyd - there will be though at least some Abba, 80s and other silly sing-a-long pop tunes
  • junk food in our cooler - I'll be keeping the Hawkins Cheezies in my bag (and I'll share I promise)
  • fast food stops - there will be healthy food in our cooler (okay there will likely be a couple of fast food stops, but when you travel with a food blogger such as Karen you expect a higher level of road trip food)
  • late night party nights... at least not until we get to BlogHer11 
  • bikinis - we aren't a group of University girls anymore
  • boys - skyping with our husbands doesn't count.

On the other hand there will be:

  • ample cup holders, leg room and storage space in our Chevrolet Traverse
  • a stop at Jaime Oliver's Kitchen in LA
  • chocolate
  • laughter
  • blogging, tweeting, you tubing, facebooking.... would you expect any less from us hot blogging mammas
  • shopping - my job is to find great outlet stores + at least 1 unique vintage store in LA
  • t-shirts - cause every road trip needs a good t-shirt
  • good stock of wet wipes - hey we don't want to make a mess in our nice Traverse.

Do you have any great stories of road trips with the girls?  Any advice for the trip?  Things I MUST remember to bring?  Things better left at home?

Disclosure: GM of Canada is providing transportion (in form of a Chevrolet Traverse), gas and accomodations on the roadtrip to and from BlogHer 11.  In exchange we will blog about our road trip And BlogHer adventures - which we would have done anyways.