So over our week long road trip to San Diego in our snazzy Chevrolet Traverse I got a reputation for saying "random" things.   Including calling myself a Douche Canoe while driving along I-5 somewhere in California, and a twitter debate about exit 172, or was that 176?!?. Check our #traversetrip twitter stream for some of really funny, to ourselves, dialogue.

So I thought it appropriate to do a post of random thoughts and photos from the trip.  I won't like get to take another girl road trip for a while, so I may as well make the most of this one.

The luggage packed into our Traverse when we started the trip.

The $15,000 purse, on sale for $10,000 at Ferragamo.

Dee Brun's (aka @cocktaildeeva)  awesome shoes

Alexis (@alexishinde) looking radiant at breakfast the day she celebrated 18 years of sobriety. 

Amber (@amberstrocel) and Marilyn (@alotofloves) at dinner - we ventured off-site for a nice dinner with a few other Canadians one night.

We also had an honourary Canadian for the night Loralee (@looneytunes) join us for dinner, seated here next to Karen's awesome roommate Merry (@merry120).

For some reason I have almost no pictures of Nicole (@nicole012), maybe because she was always seated beside me in the back seat of the Traverse, and usually with her nose in an e-book. But here is the big bag of shoes she got at the Bass outlets - nobody can blame a girl for diving in at a buy 2 get 1 free sale.  She got a great pair of ballerina flats, and flat high boots in black and brown.

And Nicole and Adria from GM tweeting during the final keynote speakers - which was clearly sponsored by Pepsi.

The final keynote speakers, including Ricki Lake.

Alexis' sky high tangled mess of a pony tail on our drive home (I hope this pix doesn't break that unattractive picture rule we had...).

Artsy hot sauce photo, with Karen looking thoughtful in the background.

Alexis taking a nap, and a break from driving, on Karen's shoulder.

Picnic lunch, in the shade of a lovely tree,  in Weed California.  And yep everything we ate was from Trader Joe's. LOVE that store.

Trader Joe's version of crack - Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate covered Almonds.  If you can't decide between sweet and salty, this is THE treat for you.  But beware of anyone offering you the first one for free.

The car packed up with all our shopping for the final leg of our road trip home.  With Alexis new (and spectacular) Ferragamo boots in the place of honour on top. (aside we had emptying the car and filling a hotel cart down to a science by the 2nd night - done in under 5 minutes)

Voodoo Donuts in Portland - I was given a dare of sorts by a Facebook friend to eat the Maple Bacon bar.  Challenge met!

Great Portland sign. Made me wonder if the new Portland Fluevog store was close by.

I also had an awesome photo of @motherbumper's purse at the People's Party, but it still being held hostage by my dead netbook.

There are also some of my shots on Notes From the Cookie Jar, including the one of Karen and her giant donut. Check it out.

And just for the record when I drive, I will sing loudly to 80s music, and I will chair dance. And if you make me laugh, when I'm sleep deprieved, I just might cry. 

Discloser: GM of Canada loaned us a Chevrolet Traverse and paid our gas, hotel and insurance en route to San Diego and back. I paid my Blogher conference ticket and hotel myself.  All photos above, no matter how crappy, are all my own - except the ones of me and the donuts.  One of my Traverse Trip friends took those for me.