Today I got an hour to drop into the One of a Kind Show for a quick peek around. Just enough time to visit some of my favourite local vendors and check out a few new ones.

If you are looking for unique holiday gifts or a great shopping trip with some friends the One of a Kind Show is sort of one of a kind.

My favourites, including booth numbers for easy reference...

G10 - KDon by Kim Cathers

Kim Cathers is a favourite Vancouver designer. She has a unique esethic and sense of fun in her designs. She seems to be in love with extra volume in the arms this year. And in the collars. Her hand detailing (her Fall/Winter line is called Suture) makes each piece unique.

F22 - Lemon Park

Another Vancouver favourite, this time jewelry, is Lemon Park.  Their pieces are not for those that want to disappear into the crowd. They are highly impactful and highly creative pieces.  I have two of their hard wood pieces.  They have also been doing resin pieces for some time, but for some reason they really stood out for me this time. Perhaps it was the red.

I also fell in love with this blue leather and chain necklace.

If you miss them at the show they also sell their pieces at the Peter Kiss Gallery on Granville Island, The Velvet Room Boutique in Kerrisdale, Tartooful in North Vancouver and Walrun on Cambie (they carry a lot of their resin pieces).  For other places to buy across Canada.

B36 - DConstruct

This Winnipeg designer DConstruct also had some high impact resin pieces.   This might be where I picked myself up a little something that my husband might be giving me for Christmas.  :)  I'm a sucker for fun rings and cuffs.

There was a great range of pieces and even an "Under $30" section to allow for some inexpensive Holiday stocking stuffers.  They also sell in boutiques across Canada.

E31 - Miishka

This Seattle designer makes some great bags.  I seem to be on a bit of purse/bag kick these days.  She works with both new and upcycled leather. Her upcycled pieces are really great.  She makes each one based on the unique features of the original garment. This mustard purse was originally a trench coat and shows off the unique details.   Her etsy is currently on "vacation" while she is attending the One of a Kind Show. But I expect she will have new stock available soon.


There were plenty of other great vendors, including:

For One of a Kind event details check my events page.  Portobello West is also taking place this weekend at the Creekside Community Centre. It will also have lots of great local handcrafted gift ideas.