May is now referred to the "plague" month in our house. It seemed that on any given day in May at least one of us was sick.  So now it is June and I realize I have a lot of photos taken of what I wore or events I attended in May that have not yet been shared.   So this seems as good a week as any to catch up on my backlog.

Today - photos from Northern Voice.  This was my first time attending Northern Voice, the volunteer run Vancouver blogging conference.  It was an interesting 2 days of all things blogging and social media. I met some new people, saw some good friends, attended some interesting sessions, attended some sessions that weren't quite right for me and I had 5 layer dip for lunch.  Sorry about that! 

What did I learn that I can apply to this blog?  Well.... Blogging Funny with Mike Vairdy was as promised.  Funny.  Plus helpful in how to incorporate some funny into your writing. I might experiment with more humour as we go. I'm sure that you will all tell me when I goof or cross the line. Right? 

I also found the session on courting controversy very intriguing.  It was hosted by Rebecca Coleman (it was my first time meeting her in the flesh... she contributed a guest post to this blog here... and she is just as lovely in person) and Lorraine Murphy from Raincoaster (also my first time meeting Lorraine in person and she is just as funny and unfiltered in person). So far my blog has been pretty uncontroversial - no brawls over colour matching. But I have some thoughts on models, body image and weight that could cause some animated discussion. So I wanted to prepare myself in advance.

And now I know you are wondering when I'm going to stop talking and post some pictures. So here is the link to my flickr slide show.

All photos were taken by me and posted on flickr with creative commons/non commercial/attribute license.  Click on a photo to see description.