Spring finally seems to have arrived - well until tomorrow when it changes its mind.  No matter what the weather man decides, the magazines and blogs are all talking about what is hot for spring.    Frankly almost everything seems to be in this year.   And many of them seem to overlap each other.  But here are a few notable trends and my perspective on them... illustrated in dresses.


Head to toe white is a tough task for a mom of a pre-schooler.  Even a simple white top is easily soiled by  dirty little hands coming in for a snuggle.  So white is probably best reserved for adult only occassions like work or a date with my hubbie. Unfortunately I have a habit of not requiring a small person to spill food on myself.  Remember the night at the opera when a cream puff landed on my kimono top?  Yeah, well in certain twitter circles that is now refered to as doing a @tjrossignol.  So I think it might be safer for me to leave the white to other braver, and less messy souls.


Colour Blocking

Who in real life really wears this?   Um.... me.

Lets be honest, I've never been one to shy away from bold colours. But I don't normally mix bold colours. I've totally been experimenting with this already.   I certainly don't plan on taking it as far as head-to-toe blue, like a certain guest at a royal wedding last month.  But I tried my teal dress with purple tights, belt and shell a few weeks ago.  It felt a bit 80s.  So I didn't take any pix.  I'm going to try magenta and red later this week.   If it works I'll post pix.  Ah heck, I might take a picture either way.

A bright orange solid dress, made interesting (and a bit Mad Men) in the lace details.


 A colour blocked dress. Not sure what colour cardigan you'd wear over this on a cool night though.


Bold Patterns

From bold  florals to animal prints and everything in between and for the brave all at one time.   I'm not usually much of a floral girl.  Actually I don't own many patterns at all.  But there is something about a big bold pattern on a summer dress that makes me all mushy inside.  I've also been experimenting with mixing patterns. So far just my black and white animal print cardi with a black and white striped scarf. But hey we can't all be WhatIwore2day.


The 70s

This comes from the resurgence of vintage Yves St. Laurent (YSL) last year.  And it ranges from jewel coloured Studio 54 styles to a bit of Boho Chic.  I love the pants and the big sun glasses.  And while I'll be avoiding the silk pants, jumpsuits and tube tops I think a dress like this captures the flavour of the 70s without feeling like a costume.  Be sure to check the detail on the back.




African patterns to neutral safari style jackets are included in this trend.  I already have an olive green safari jacket from Addition Elle (about 3 years old).  I have to be careful to pair it with bright colours, or I disappear a bit in it.  Some big accessories, like wooden bangles work well with it.  In a dress this trend could be as simple as an olive green shirt dress.  Or an African print.




This seems to include simple silhouettes, but also neutral colour like tans, taupes, creams, etc.  Think Jennifer Aniston simple chic.  The plus is that most of the items in this category are easy to wear year round and easy to mix and match.  Plus there is something really chic about wearing clean neutrals.  It can also easily be really boring.  Be sure to include a mix of textures or a few key accessories so it looks purposeful and interesting.     This look always reminds me of Michael Kors.   Be sure to read the great post that Already Pretty did about how chic neutrals are (plus Anthropologie doesn't really do minimalism so I have no picture).

In addition to this there is neo-punk, midi skirts, nautical, feathers/fringe.....    Still on trend this summer are summer scarfs and maxi dresses.  So if you picked up either of those items last year keep wearing them in comfort - not that you'd stop anyways.

Photos - All photos are from www.anthropologie.com.  It is my way to celebrate summer dresses and the new Anthropologie store in South Granville.  Of course I've been avoiding going to the store like is it the plaque. I have a real weakness for that store and my finances can't handle an Anthopologie run at the moment.