It is hard to avoid the fact that the holidays are fast approaching.  My inbox is overflowing with events with clients, for my husband's work, or get togethers with friends and family.    My first official holiday party is tonight.   So now comes the question of what to wear to all these different events?  I don't buy "party" clothes very often, so I am standing in front of my closet wondering what I should wear.  I love my LBD, and my LPD (purple) dress.  But they both feel a bit bland after being worn quite a number of times.  So how do you dress up a great, but well worn, dress.   Try a new wrap.

To Desire, is a local Vancouver designer, who makes luxurious wraps in a variety of styles. These are the type of wraps that you can mix and match with a variety of outfits - from your LBD to suits to jeans - for years to come.  These are not just a plain pashmina you throw on when you get cold.  To Desire's fabrics range from denim to wool to brocade.  Some are embroidered, some are detailed in gold and silver.  These are showstopping accessories that can make your outfit.   These are investment pieces.  

This is the designer Jeeti at a the Women in Leadership Foundation Gala, wearing her Juliette design, this one of a kind piece has a 22k gold centre piece + ghungroo and a sterling silver ghungroo.  See the beautiful design on the back here.

My personal favourite is the darling, which is recycled reworked vintage silk.  I also wouldn't mind curling up in the bravura italian wool design.   Either way I feel like I'm ready for a party!

Thank you to Fashion Capsule for the first two photos, with the picture of Jeeti taken by me.