This is another installment in my locals that I love fall series. 

Today is casual friday, which in a lot of offices could be called Shlumpadinka Friday (thank you Oprah for coining this perfect word that just rolls off your tongue to describe a sloppy dresser).  I'd like to suggest we rename Fridays Smart Fridays.  A little more casual than the other days of the week, but still client and office appropriate.  So yes grab those cute jeans and a t-shirt, but add a smart topper - like a great fitting blazer. 

I am loving the blazers from Plum this season.  They feel like they were designed perfectly to wear with those cute  jeans or skinny pants.   Last year the Boyfriend blazer was all the rage.  Now back in the 80s I lived in a variety of boyfriend style blazers.  Many from the vintage store with the sleeves rolled to fit.   So the boyfriend blazer style didn't feel fresh for me.  Plus the fit of the boyfriend blazer is a bit too boxy for my curvy figure.  If you love(d) the boyfriend blazer don't worry there are still some in stock for fall.  But it is the new blazers and jackets out this year are something I can get excited about.  

Of course all these jackets can also be dressed up for other days of the week, or dressed down for weeekends.  They easily meet the rule of 3 (can be worn in at least 3 different outfits from your existing closet).  A blazer can be such a versatile addition to your closet.

The Tobias military jacket below would look great with my trouser jeans and a black/white striped t-shirt, my black pencil skirt and red top for work or on the weekend with my skinny pants and a bright t-shirt.

Tobias Military Jacket

Double breasted black/grey jacket - perfect length to wear with skinny jeans.

Riding style blazer with suede accents

Notched Collar Jacket With Curved Hem

When shopping for a blazer be sure to watch the details.  The jacket pulls a look together because it is the crowning piece … so it cannot be shoddily made,” says Plum’s in-house designer Claudia Agusti. “Inside details, like striped lining and piping, are important to the owner even if they aren’t normally seen by others.”  And don't forget that fit is key. Plum uses a size 8 fit model, which I believe helps for a better fit for all sizes.  But remember that not all clothes can be designed to fit all body types. So make friends with a great tailor. A well made blazer can live in your closet for years and is  worth the extra investment.  

Do you have a favourite smart topper in your closet?   What do you wear on Smart Fridays? 

The Tobias label (along with the Simone dress line) is exclusive to Plum, and designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.  Jacket prices range from $189 - $210, and sizes from XS-XL or 2-14.  They have  nine locations in the Lower Mainland, Kelowna, and Calgary.  Check out this video done by The Express a few years ago about Plum's local manufacturing practice.

Why is local important?  Locally designed and manufactured items support your local economy and design community. They allow the designers a better opportunity to oversee the manufacturing process and ensure quality that meets their expectations.  And you can be assured the staff were paid a legal wage (with benefits) and work in a safe environment.  See here a video done by The Express a few years ago about Plum's local manufacturing practice.