Back to my theme of locals that I love this fall. Nicole Bridger has been a favorite of mine for some time. She designs socially conscious and versatile clothing. She is usually THE draw for me each season at Eco Fashion Week. But Nicole also hosts a smaller fashion show, with her some of her customers as models, in her store. This is an opportunity, in a more intimate setting, to see and touch her current season of designs. I love that her models were women of a variety of ages, shapes and heights. It allows you to see what the clothes look like on real women.

After the show, I tried on a few items.  Her wool sweaters were so soft, but I am on a serious budget this month so I resisted temptation and didn't buy anything.   I have my eye on this Goddess dress in purple.  And (eventually) it will be mine!

Nicole also took time with me recently to help me better understand fabrics and the elements that make them more (or less) sustainable.  She had a great way of helping break down the huge range of choices out there today.  I hope to have that interview for you later this month.