I've talked a lot about summer dresses lately and how hard it is to find a great one.  To me a great summer dress allows me to:

  • wear a regular bra
  • sit down without worrying about how much thigh, or other things, I'm showing
  • wear it on hot sunny summer day on its own and layer it on those greyer days

There is a local designers whose name brings up visions of whimsy and day dreams - Allison Wonderland.  I checked out her collection at one of my favourite boutiques Tenth and Proper last week.   And she combines that sense of whimsy with a bit of Vancouver practicality.  And both of these dresses below check all my boxes above.

The Ivy Dress

Laurel Canyon Dress

The only downside to Allison's clothes is her sizing, which only goes up to size 10.  So I wasn't able to take that cute pink Ivy dress home.   But fingers crossed she expands her sizing in future seasons.

I also have to admit loving the shoes in these pictures, but I forgot to ask where they were from. #stylebloggerfail.

What do you look for in a sun dress?  Do you have rules guidelines?