Jeans have been a staple item in my closet since sometime in the 70s. Their role in my life has certainly changed over the years. I recently started to do my spring audit of my closet (and make my summer shopping list). I was surprised to find that I only own 4 pairs of jeans.

They are:

  • Trouser Jeans - Ann Taylor - great for work or for casual (with heels as they are longer in length)
  • Bootleg Jeans - Banana Republic - great for casual and running after a toddler. Length is good with converse or wedges.
  • Black Pin striped Jeans - Not your Daughter's Jeans - longer boot leg cut and higher waist.  These are usually work jeans. But they do look good with my black and white converse too (which always make me just a little Doctor Who)
  • Cropped and Folded Cuff Jeans - Gap - These are getting a bit faded and will likely only live one more season. But they have a great 50s vibe with the high folded up cuff.

Okay I lied I have one more pair of jeans. These are my "old" Old Navy jeans which I've relegated to gardening or sloppy housework.  But since I never wear them in public they don't really count.

I would like to have another pair of casual jeans to replace my khackies that died.  But I find shopping for jeans stresses me out. I don't know why, but it is almost as bad as shopping for a bathing suit.   Do you have a similar problem?  And Why?

I'm going to look at doing more posts on jeans - likely with some expert guest help.  So it would help me to understand about your relationship with jeans. I've put together a short  survey - less than 8 questions.  No snazzy prize this time.  Just think about it as fun 3 minutes that will help me put together more informative posts about jeans.

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