While on my Blogher road trip I had jeans on my list of things to buy. I wanted dark wash boot leg jeans to wear running after an almost 4 year old, but also jeans that would look great hanging with other adults. I had fantastic luck and scored not one but two new pairs of jeans on my trip.

Pair 1 - Dark Wash Boot Leg jeans from The Loft. They fit great, although the length is still a tad long. But that should be remedied after their first wash. They fit great in the back side and have a great strong leg. I've worn them to work several times, along with my new cork wedges.  Cost $40.

Pair 2 - Dark Wash Levi's 505 Straight Leg jeans - These are a great jean for running around after my little guy. And the straight leg allows me to roll them up (retro style) when it is hot, or I want a different look. And they look great with my converse. Cost $40.

Photo credit .imelda via creative commons

The problem is that I was rushing when I bought Pair #2. I had only a few minutes to check out the Levi's Factory Outlet store, outside Portland, before I met the others at a Shoe store.   So I made a rookie mistake. I bought the size that fit perfectly in the store. I know better. I know that jeans stretch out, usually at least a 1/2 size. So if the jeans fit beautifully in the store, they will likely be too large in a few days. And this is what happened.  I needed to buy a size smaller. So now I have a great pair of straight leg, but slightly baggy, Levi's 505 jeans.

I realized my mistake the day after I bought them. But by that time we were back in Vancouver, and I was not able to return them to Portland. So now I have a size 14 Levi's 505 straight leg jean on my shopping list. The problem is that it is hard to find size 14 Levi's in Vancouver. And I've spent my jeans budget for the fall. So I'll have to put my Mom on the case to find me a pair - probably for Christmas. And in the meantime, I have a great pair of baggy straight leg jeans for the park.  Maybe once I get the right size, I'll cut these ones off to crop length, that I can roll-up permanently.

Have you ever made a rookie shopping mistake that you later regretted?