Earlier this month I was invited to a lovely cocktail party hosted by Kathy  Buckworth and Hotmail.  It was a fun, albeit loud, night with a lot of the local social media moms.  And yes, I might have been the rowdy girl in the corner ordering drinks through the speakers.  And yes, I might have been tweeting jokes with friends across the room at the same time.  But hey I don't get out much. 

I took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately it was a rather dark bar, so I struggled with getting great crisp shots of what different outfits everyone wore. I wanted to get some great shots, because everyone looked great.  And then you get a group of Moms out on the town for the night there is going to be some fun fashion - shoes - purses - fascinators.  (click photo to see full slideshow).

I will admit that it  was a little embarrasing to be the only person in the room, that didn't work for microsoft, that had been using their hotmail account for about 14 years (and yes it makes me feel old to write that).  But I also got some great tips on how to better use my Hotmail. And yes, the slide show was done with Hotmail and Windows Live.