I've been trying to organize a capsule wardrobe to take to Blogher in my head for a week now.  And I keep failing miserably. 

The trip includes about 5 days of driving in our Traverse and 2.5 days of a blogging conference. At the conference there will be a lot of walking and  there will be lots of parties (both the official and unofficial kind).   So I'll need comfortable car clothes, nice day clothes for sessions and party clothes. And I'll need space in my suitcase for shopping - so I'll have to rein in the shoes.    There is that added pressure of being a style blogger and wanting to look cute (and we'll be taking photos all through the car trip so the same shirt and shorts everyday won't cut it).

So last night I decided that I'm going to give myself a fashion challenge. Each outfit I wear to Blogher (not on the road cause that would be too much pressure) will include at least one eco-fashion item - meaning - local Vancouver design, repurposed, thrifted or vintage. Why?  Well first I want to showcase Vancouver designers.  Plus I think people are intimidated about incorporating vintage or repurposed items into their modern outfits.

The idea came to me because I knew I wanted to take my Dahlia Drive kimono top to Blogher (knew it when I bought it).  As I was thinking about what I would wear it with I realized the top meets at least 3 criteria - designed (and made)  in Vancouver, made with repurposed material like old curtains and a sari, and it which includes a vintage scarf.  

I think the outfit I wore to the Urban Mummies party (see below) would work great for a night of parties.  The wrap also can be turned into a shrug and could look really cute over a dress.   But I've never tried it that way and will need to experiment.   Could I get away with wearing the same statement top twice? 

Here is how I've worn it in the past.

With trouser jeans and funky accessories

At the opera tied higher with a pencil skirt

What do you think is it too much of a statement to wear with a different outfit on another night?