I wasn't going to post an the AMAs, mostly because I don't watch them. And also because the music game tends to be young and/or male.  But after seeing all the Jennifer Lopez photos I had to post my 2 cents.

Lets start with the hot looking ladies 40 and over.


Jenny McCarthy looked great on the red carpet, but I loved her more during the show when she put on your spectacles.  Love the purple.  Love the pockets - who says you can't be comfortable at an award show.  Love the length - which shows off her lovely legs. Love the hair.  Love the red lips. Not so sure about the shoes.  (okay and yes she isn't technically 40 for another year, but I'm going to count her anyways)

Shannon Tweed kept it simple, showing off her great legs with a LBD.  This picture doesn't show it but the back of her sleeves had some sheer panels. Not sure if they covered her entire back or  not.  But I liked the all "business" in the front.  Now if we could just stop her from having more plastic surgery.  Such a beautiful woman and she is starting to look a bit...uh... plastic. I hope Gene doesn't hurt me for saying that.

I like the unique cut-aways and black and white non-colour blocks worn by Queen Latifah. 

Uneven hems and handkerchief hems were a big trends at the AMAs. Cheryl Hines worn a very pretty version in a pale pink.

My honorary Under 40 mention goes to Sarah Drew, who looked as cute as a pregnant button in this lace dress and red lips.  But it is those peep toed shoes that put her above the rest for me. 

Mary J. Blige gets a section all her own.  It is the 50/50 section.   I didn't love her red carpet look that much (I love animal print, but it doesn't seem to work over an entire dress here). 

But her all performance white bustier and suit just screamed Mary J. Blige to me.  Of course her name in big white letters over the stage, didn't hurt either.  So in the end her good outfit balanced out her not so great outfit.

Other ladies who landed in my luke warm love tonight were...

It pains me to say anything negative about Julie Bowen, as I just love her.  But she is really looking just too skinny for my taste these days.  And it really shows in this dress.

Nobody should be surprised by this frumpy layered look from Chaka Khan. She has always been a woman who has followed her own beat.  But she deserves to look so much better than this.

Trying to Hard

I saved Jennifer for last, and for a category all to herself. It is the Trying Too Hard category.  They say looking great is your best revenge, and Jennifer is looking great (for those not in the know her ex also attended and performed at the AMAs).  But it felt like she showed us every inch of her great body.  I mean 5 skin tight /lacy /sparkly /fringy outfits in one night... that is overkill even for Jennifer.

And then there was the after party dress. Which I actually kind of liked.  Kind of.

Did you have any favourite AMA outfits?  Any you really hated?

To my American readers I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend this week.