I've been following Solo Lisa for quite some time now. She is a local Vancouver fashion blogger and I really love her posts.  Yes, she is a younger blogger. But she blogs great ideas that work for women at any age.  Recently she started a new job and blogged about easy outfit solutions for early commuters.  Lets face it no matter what time you have to be at the office it is hard to creative everyday.  With a 3 year old at home I often find it hard to find time to brush my hair before I go to the office, let alone think about what outfit to wear.  

In her post she gives some great idea starters on which staples to own that can easily mix and match with other items.  I've always loved those "5 items 30 ways" sort of articles. And this feels very similar.  Plus she gives us visual ideas on monday to friday outfits.   Since then she has posted some of her real life "easy" work outfits.  And I hope to she continues to do it.   Everyday inspiration is more important to me than what to wear to a special event. 

If I can find a clean corner in my house I might try to start doing the same.  But more likely we'll have to wait until the weather is nicer and I can do pictures outside.  Although I did get that new vaccum cleaner, but more on that another day.

In addition to fashion, Lisa's blog often has great food inspiration. You can follow Lisa on twitter at @sololisa.